Thursday, June 30, 2011

Everything that can be invented has been invented... maybe.

The patent office in 1899 told us that everything that can be invented has been invented. That was obviously patently false--if only they could have seen an iPhone. But now, as it may continue to seem, that it is hard to fathom any new inventions in our lives when it comes to personal electronics. Of course we could always reinvent the product categories we know and love now: our smartphones, laptops, mp3 players, tablets, etc. But what new personal electronic categories could there be?

Take, for instance, the iPad. Apple claims to have created a whole new class of device. And they'd be right. They essentially invented a whole new electronic device by reinventing a decades-old concept of the "tablet" computer. And now, we actually use them, and they have filled a void that consumers didn't even know they had. That's a fine example of killing off the stifling notion that we've already invented everything, as ludicrous as it may sound. But where do we go from here? What other needs could we have when it comes to the tech we carry from day to day? Specifically, what new category of devices need making? Or are we happy and problem-free now? Could this post use another pointless question?

Either way, I tell you, I'm still in the market for a good jetpack or magic carpet, but even that is something completely different...

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