Saturday, April 30, 2011

The most conclusive evidence that MobileMe is set to evolve into iCloud

French technology site,, is the first to report findings in the latest developer build of Mac OS X Lion that show further evidence supporting claims of a revamped cloud service from Apple.

The curious hands at Consofmac found references in the system that suggest one can "upgrade from MobileMe to Castle." They go on to state that "Castle" is most likely the codename given to Apple's upcoming new cloud services thought to be announced sometime this year. Numerous reports suggest that Apple will name the service "iCloud," which may even allow users to store and stream their iTunes libraries from the cloud among different devices.

A company and online service recently announced that it has changed it's name from "iCloud" to "CloudMe." It doesn't take a forensics expert to realize that Apple has had their hands (and by "hands," I mean "lawyers") at trademarking the name for themselves. And interestingly enough, CloudMe took the liberty to flip-flop the name and take after its cloud-service cousin, MobileMe.

Apple is said to be putting the final touches on a huge data center in North Carolina, which represents an enormous and confident investment into cloud-based infrastructure. This step assumes Apple is gearing up for a future based on offering off-site services and storage solutions which may allow more mobility and flexibility in how people use data.

If you remember in December of 2009, Apple bought music streaming service Lala, which has fueled speculation on their plans to offer similar services for over a year. We may even see more direct competition to companies like Google and Amazon in terms of data services and online storage.

Add all these stories up, and you've got a clear picture of what to expect: iCloud, an iTunes-infused MobileMe.

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