Monday, September 6, 2010

Different take on the new Apple TV -- via Engadget

Here's an interesting look at the new Apple TV written by a Michael Gartenberg via Engadget. Instead of the complete revamp of the Apple TV that some people were hoping for, Gartenberg states that Apple is on the right track by keeping the product basically the same, not looking for revolution, but adding enough stuff to keep the product interesting while making it cheaper. Unlike the Google TV, which is being developed as a platform for applications, browsing, and hopefully to replace your cable box, Apple is not looking to replace either one; the timing is just not right for that. People won't buy into that complex a process for finding content. Not to mention, as Gartenberg says, its just really hard to accomplish. Apple is looking to replace the DVD player, not your satellite or cable box. Maybe, while revolution is certainly Apple's fortay in the market, the TV market as of now is not ready for the revolution that many techies are dying for.

via Engadget.

The latest Apple TV was released on Sept. 1, 2010 for $99.

Google TV is looking at a release date sometime later this year.

You can see my eariler post on the new Apple TV here.

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